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Updated – Registration Dates 2015


KSA Bag Found — Please drop by my office if this is yours.

Updated | Before You Go…



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Before You Go….

Before you go for the summer, know this: everything on the computers will be deleted, projects left in the rooms will be recycled, the door codes will be changed, and you need to clean up and return everything. Read on for more details, and have a fantastic summer break.

Computers – Backup all your files to CD, DVD, flash drive or portable hard drive before May 1st. We are putting in new systems and absolutely everything will be deleted. Your accounts, the guest accounts, everything must go. Read more…

POGO 2015: Tickets available now

Registration for POGO is now live!


Direct link to tickets:

We have studio tours on Friday February 13 (Ion, Letterbox, Mobify and MET), and we have two workshops on Saturday February 14 (How to create an effective personal identity, and How to develop a portfolio for job hunting success). The workshops may be of more interest to students in their final year but students at any level are of course welcome. The second part of POGO – industry-led portfolio reviews – will be held in April.


Schoolism Live: Animation Workshops



Schoolism LIVE Vancouver is excited to welcome top level concept artist Sam Nielson, environment designer Nathan Fowkes, character designer Daniel Arriaga and creature designer Bobby Chiu for an incredible weekend at the Four Seasons Hotel on January 10-11, 2015
Read more…

KPU Art History Club

The Art History club consists of weekly discussions about specific art pieces, as well as themes and ideas revolving around art. The club meetings will take place on Fridays in room 2003 at Kwantlen’s Richmond campus, 3:30pm – 4:30pm. The first meeting will be this Friday, September 19th. Drop-in’s throughout the semester are welcome! No preparation or formal historical education is needed. Read more…

New Resource for GDMA Students

There is a new resource page for you, created by  a few of your fellow 4th years (Zia, Arvin and Jonathan):

GDMA Student Collective Facebook page.

This group is a place for GDMA students, both current and graduated, to share resources, ask questions, and get to know each other.

Currently, the group is only being utilized by part of the GDMA student body. They would love to open up the group to everyone in the program and provide an opportunity for all of the students to get to know each-other. This would be a great resource especially for the first year students who are new to the program.

The group is currently set to be a Closed Group in it’s privacy settings, so you will have to request access, which should be granted shortly.

SEEF Funding Opportunity

The Student Educational Enhancement Fund (SEEF) provides students with up-to $500 to help support learning experiences outside of the classroom which are directly related to their program of study and educational goals. Read more…