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Season’s Greetings from Us to You!

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Kwantlen GDMA is now on summer hiatus, but we will continue to post job opportunities, events and more as we work to refresh the labs and get ready for fall. Have a good summer!


Welcome new GDMA students, and welcome back to all those returning.

Here’s to a great year!

Lost & Found

Over the holidays we collected quite a few additions to our Lost & Found, so if you’re missing anything from last semester, especially one of the many USB drives we seem to accumulate, please come by Nick’s office and describe it. You can also try the others: Juilien’s office in 3050 or the Security office on the first floor.

Welcome Back Again

A belated welcome back to everyone. Hope you enjoyed the break and here’s to another great year. We’ve made some small changes over the holidays, such as updated software in the labs and new door codes (I was going to change them back but you all seem to prefer it). As well, everyone will have their own account for any new classes by Friday, and as always, please let me know if you don’t. Thanks.

Help A Fellow Student Out

Please take a quick moment to help out your fellow 4th year student, Heather, by filling out a quick survey for her major project. It’s only 7 questions, it will take you under 2 minutes, and one day you’ll appreciate help for your major project too! Download the PDF here and send it back to her email address heather.hastings [at] Thanks!

All I Want For Christmas Is You To Read This

It’s only two more weeks of last-minute projects, and then you can make the long-awaited shift to last-minute shopping instead. I’m just as excited for the holidays as you are, but before then, please read these seasonal semester notes to help you and me both get through these final days of class with our sanity, and spirit, intact.

Back Up
You need to back up all your important files to a CD, DVD, USB drive or portable hard drive before December the 8th. We will be updating all the computers and the process can be naughty or nice.

Clean Up
Please tidy up your work station, especially any milk and cookies you may have left out for me. I will also be unplugging the fridge, and any projects left out or lying around will be recycled, thrown away or re-gifted.

Bring Back
Return everything you’ve borrowed from us or the library by Monday, December 8th, including all cameras, headphones, equipment, supplies, magazines and books. If you don’t we will withhold your marks, and all you’ll get is a lump of coal.

Clear Out
We will be changing all the door codes on Friday, December 5th. Make sure you have everything you need before that happens. If you want to come in after that point, Nick can open the doors for you between 8 and 4, and since Juilien will only be around until 5, you will have to go home and get nestled all snug in your beds, where visions of sugar-plums will dance in your heads.

Come Back
Next semester fees must be paid by December 9th. Then, January 5th is the first day of class, but please enjoy your holidays and try not to think about it too much.

Ghouly GDMA Goodness

Thanks to everyone who dressed up for Halloween, and especially those who took part in the costume contest. We had a giant turnout and the Rotunda had three levels of audience, so a congratulations to the brave Graphic Design for Marketers who walked the black catwalk.

The Chronicle has a great article and slideshow of the whole event, and these are a selection of your classmates’ costumes that we were able to capture on the big day (click it to zoom in).

Printing is Fixed

To follow up on last week’s issue, printing to the colour printer is now fixed and working smoothly. And for the record, it was a problem with the Kwantlen network, and not with the computers. If you still have any remaining issues with printing, please see me. Thanks.

A Note on CS4

You might have heard that Adobe announced Creative Suite 4 last week, but despite some of the cool new features, you might want to hold off on upgrading your own software. You see, Kwantlen handles all the budget requests in the new year, and after they are all considered and decided upon, the actual money only becomes available in the early summer. Thus, even if the program requests CS4, and the university decides to approve that request, we will still have to wait till next summer before we can buy and install it in the labs. So, if you are worried about having the latest software or concerned about compatibility between home and school, you can rest assured that we will not be upgrading until the school year is over. Plus, if you buy CS3 now you might even save a buck or two.

If you are interested in all the snazzy new stuff, however, check out Macworld’s in-depth coverage of each of the major releases here. Tabbed all-in-one windows, multiple pages in Illustrator, rotating documents sideways in InDesign, content-aware scaling in Photoshop, integration of Kuler, and more await you….