JOB – Designer, Verb Media

HIRING: Designer (video, graphics and marketing)

The ideal candidate would possess the following skills and abilities:

Creative Competencies:

  • Strong mastery of video editing, illustration and animation software (currently Adobe Creative Cloud, mainly After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop)
  • Illustration/Flash animation skills, including character design, movement, expressions, timing, staging, etc.
  • Can construct motion graphic and kinetic typography videos
  • Can edit existing After Effects templates
  • Keeps up with the general design/video trends, and is driven to constant improvement (learning new software, skills, trends, styles, etc.)
  • Can edit live video clips into a coherent finished product, and has a strong sense of timing and narrative structure
  • Natural passion for film/video/animation
  • Basic audio editing/enhancement skills, e.g. splicing dialogue, overlaying sound effects and music (mostly done in Premiere)
  • Can make eye-catching and professional looking on-screen graphics and text (e.g. lower thirds)

Marketing Competencies:

  • Keeps up with general marketing/advertising trends, specifically but not limited to video advertising
  • Can conceptualize all aspects of a video campaign that meet the goals of a client’s marketing campaign, including approach (e.g. live video, animation, vector graphic), tone (e.g. serious, explanatory, light-hearted, funny), look (e.g. bold colours, frenetic cuts, slow pace, hi-tech feel, old film look), and sound (e.g. loud big band music, driving techno soundtrack, symphonic score, distorted voices, spooky sound effects)
  • Can write effective marketing copy that adheres to a client’s campaign goals, and is also interesting/engaging for the audience

General Competencies:

  • Able to manage multiple projects at once, and easily switch between them
  • Good at working in a fast-paced, dynamic environment
  • Can take creative direction/feedback/constructive criticism well
  • Strong communication skills (can clearly explain ideas, has good grammar, spelling, etc.), for working with other creative positions as well as sales positions inside the company
  • Self-directed and self-motivated

The Position:

Our estimated start date is early 2017. The position is full time (Monday through Friday, 9-5), and includes a competitive salary based on skills, education and experience. Industry experience a plus, but not necessary. We offer three weeks of paid vacation a year, as well as a full benefits package. Salary and paid vacation amounts are reviewed after the first year, and regularly thereafter. Possibility of assistance with moving expenses to relocate to Saskatoon.

To Apply:

Please submit a resume and portfolio to

The Company:

Verb Media is based out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and also operates in Regina. We have been around for nearly a decade, previously as an arts and culture magazine (538 issues) and currently as a digital video marketing company. We are a fairly young workforce and the company still has the soul of a start-up. We primarily produce and manage video ad campaigns for clients on Facebook and YouTube in a variety of formats: live video, animation, motion graphics, kinetic typography, and illustration/photography.

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