JOB – Junior Graphic Designer, Blitz Gear

REPORTS TO: Creative Director

Junior Graphic Designers are often young students fresh out of post-secondary or who are finishing up their program and are employed through an internship. Junior designers usually require mentorship through a majority of their duties.


A Junior Graphic Designer will lay out pages of copy and artwork, draw logos, redraw logos, rework text, perform color corrections and overall take on the basic duties that help them get to know the process and procedures of graphic design. They will also be responsible for photo editing and manipulation when required. A junior designer will often work on multiple aspects of one project but will take on only one or two tasks at a time.


In general, Junior Graphic Designers have a degree, diploma, or certificate in graphic design and have zero to two years of experience.


Designers in this position will often be considered “junior” for up to two years or longer to build a portfolio.


A Blitzgear designer shouldn’t just be creative; they should be passionate about design and marketing.  and be learning to be passionate about marketing. They should be self-motivated, detail-oriented, organized and willing to learn. They need to possess good time management skills and communication skills.

A passion for automobiles and the automotive industry is not required but is an asset.

Relational Skills

Being a part of our team requires great relationship skills to communicate with other team members; everyone is required to be a team player.

Computer Literacy

In addition to being proficient in Google Apps for Work and Microsoft Office Suite, Junior Graphic Designers should demonstrate be proficiency in design, web, multimedia software, and applications, such as Adobe Creative Suite.​

How to Apply

Please send your resume and cover letter to

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