Where’s Nick?

Frühling JuniorHello folks, this is Nick, your regularly scheduled program assistant. This weekend my wife and I welcomed a new baby into our family: coincidentally, you’ll notice that I’m no longer in my office. I’ve been fortunate enough to take a paternity leave from my job in GDMA, one of Kwantlen’s best benefits, and while I enjoy looking after the 80 of you, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to concentrate on the 3 of my own. I officially return in the summer, but will do my best to find time and visit, and won’t be missing the grad show. You can also follow my continuing adventures in sleeplessness on Twitter.

Meanwhile, the program is currently in the process of hiring my replacement who, among other duties, will be taking care of the office toys while I’m gone. Please welcome them when they start, and if you need assistance before that time, talk to Ken, Juilien or Radka.

Thanks very much for all the kind words and support, I’ll see you soon enough, and don’t eat and drink at the computers.

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  1. Jacinta Caughlan

    Congratulations Nick! What a beautiful baby boy!

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